Balticon donated containers for the people affected by the hurricane in Pomerania Region

Everyone in Poland heard about huge damage caused by the storm in Pomerania Region on the night
of 11th to 12th of August 2017. Losses can be seen in ruined forests, houses and farms, which were
practically blown off the surface of the earth. Help is still needed because some people became
destitute, and many of them lost almost everything they had. Unfortunatelly winter is approaching
and due to the bad weather conditions the house rebuilding process is even more time-consuming.

Help for the people affected by the storm comes not only from the government, local government
and other state microfinanced facilities but also from private companies.
One of them is Balticon, who decided to give the hurricane victims 2 steel 40DC containers!

On Friday 22.09.2017 on the initiative of Balticon S.A. transport and delivery of containers was
organized to the municipality of Brusy. One of the delivered containers was located on the premises
of the Municipal Utility Plant in Brusy. It is intended for storing gifts received for their further
distribution to the victims at the end of the process of rebuilding their homes and farms, including
but not limited to household appliances and furniture.

The second container went directly to the Pellowski family in Główczewice and serves as a place to
store furniture, clothes and food as their whole house is destined for demolition. The house
eventually will be rebuilt, and the donated container will be used to store the things that have
survived the tragic events.

During our visit to Brusy we personally met Pellowski family and the representatives of the
municipality . We must admit that the joy of the received containers was far beyond our
expectations. In such a difficult time, every help is priceless.

We encourage everyone to follow our footsteps!