CR Container Trading GmbH has become an Eco Cold Store agent in Germany

On 1st September 2016 CR Container Trading GmbH has become an official agent of Eco Cold Store sale and rent across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In offer new 20’ and 40’ High Cube reefer containers, which comply with all EU safety and hygiene standards (HACCP).

Cooling machinery by Carrier and ThemoKing represent the newest technologies.

Temperature range from -40 to +30 degree Celsius.

Service includes:

– Plug & Play

– Loading ramp

– Remote control via GPS

– 24/7 emergency line

– Delivery of containers

All reefers are equipped with telemetric on-line system, which enables You to control the conditions inside as well as machinery parameters.

This system allows also for pre-set alarms.

These useful containers are offered not only for rent, but also for sale.


For more than 25 years Eco Cold Store brand has been represented in the reefer container market by Balticon S.A.